Singular Art is the digital hub of a gallery for contemporary art in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The aim is to create a space that will facilitate meaningful interaction with single, autonomous pieces of art. In stead of having a set schedule of exhibitions, Singular-Art will pour all of its effort and resources in the production and presentation of specific pieces by selected artists. By doing so, we hope to cultivate a dynamic cultural space that will be able to interact with both local and global communities.
This website is an extenstion of these communities and an archive for the presented works. Please consider adding your address to our mailinglist for information on upcoming events and opportunities. Or join our Telegram and instagram group to communicate more directly with the whole crew and to stay up to date about special events. The gallery welcomes any and all artistic proposals but will not always be able to reply promptly, if at all. Singular-Art is a very personal project and this will be reflected in the choice of projects and collaborations. Please make sure to browse this site, and to visit the gallery to determine if we might be suited for each other, before sending in your ideas.
Besides investing in new art by artists the gallery will occasionaly have space for pieces from the 'secondary' market. If you have work for sale that might fit with our general vibe please feel free to contact us.
Singular Art
Waalkade 72
6511 XR, Nijmegen
t 06 20801765
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