Make Jewellery Not War

Make Jewellery Not War
As part of the current exhibition “make jewellery not war” the Intro by Marzee team, and various artist from all around the world want to show our solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

We as jewellery artists want to stand together in these turbulent times to show our solidarity. Jewellery worn on the body has always been political and so we must use this medium!

Our exhibition started off with an event on the 19th of March 2022 in the gallery Intro by Marzee, in Amsterdam. To this event we had two special guest: Barbara Kisill, an Israeli-Ukraine visual artist who focuses on fusing light and the various materials the urban public places offer her to create new and dynamic worlds. For our event she presented a collage of cultural historical Ukrainian memories on a white flower mural, made especially for this event. The second artist was Jonas Schwalenberg, a German jewellery artist, who showed his work “what strengthens you?”. This series consists of old printing press rings which he uses to print non-permanent tattoos on the body to empower people.

The artist participating in the event are:
Iris Bodemer, Julia Walter, Petra Mohylova, Studio Mots, Huiyu Chiu, Suzan Hidding, Sujin Kim, Peleg Mercedes Matityahu, Roberta Pavone, Lisa Plaut, Cleopatra Consult, Karen Van Crombrugge, Fabiana Fusco, Cat Priem, Xiao Chen, Luisa Kuschel and Lisa Marcolongo.

The fundraiser is an initiative by the gallery Intro by Marzee. It is a gallery and workspace for young jewellery artists. It is currently run by Luisa Kuschel and Peleg Mercedes Matityahu, winners of the Marzee Graduate Prize 2021.

The money raised during the event and the course of the exhibition will be donated. If the majority of the artists participating agree, the money raised in the fundraiser will be donated to Giro555 which is an organisation in which 11 collaborating aid organisations in the Netherlands work together for those who are fleeing and those who are staying behind in Ukraine. The aid organisations behind Giro555 and the local aid workers can provide emergency aid, both in Ukraine itself and in the neighbouring countries (see:

If you are interested in buying a piece or making a donation please download the catalogue and contact Intro by Marzee. 

Intro by Marzee
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The Netherlands
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