De Week van Drift

De Week van Drift
De Week van Drift / ART

5 - 9 July @Valkhof Museum
Jesus Canuto Iglesias - 'Circular Contemplation Bench' 
Jesus Canuto Iglesias is an artist originally from Spain and based in The Hague, where he graduated from the ArtScience Interfaculty in 2019. He creates sound sculptures and installations that combine industrial and machine aesthetics with digital media.
In the Circular Contemplation Bench Iglesias invites the human body - your human body - to sit down and interact with the machine-world. His bench is the interface between the language of machines and human communication systems. Iglesias welded the bench out of rough metal and polished it to a smooth mirror surface creating a sensual surface. Underneath, the benches motors run at variable speeds and intervals allowing for frequencies and resonance to build into musical qualities.

9 July @Doornroosje
Martina Raponi - 'New Noises New Voices'
New Noises New Voices live will be an audiovisual performance delivering a live soundtrack for different VR dreams dreamt by the visitors who experienced the XR iteration of the work. This work draws from the artist’s biography and her dream practice, and it summons a space at the crossroads between fictioning, oneiric manifestations, and hallucinative states. Recuperating the definition of cyberspace by William Gibson as a “consensual hallucination”, the work is a visual documentation of visitors dreaming somebody else’s dream in Virtual Reality. The VR playthroughs have been recorded in different moments, but will be screened synchronously, and will be accompanied by a live soundtrack. The development of NNNV XR and its iterations has been developed within the framework of Kaboom+’s VR world building workshop, and with the financial support of Stimuleringsfonds.

Mint Park - 'Into the thin air'
This audio / visual performance is especially created for De Week van Drift and includes unreleased material from the EMS Residency Park visited in 2022. These electronic sounds are then combined with her extensive collection of the sound of air-flow. Which Park recorded over many years. The project is an on-going attempt to rediscover the rather technical practice of sound recording by zooming into the textures of our daily sonic surrounding and the environment, listening and tuning into the sounds that are mundane yet unbeknownst to us.
To respond to the festival's theme, Collective Listening in Digital World, Park will create an atmospheric sequence of lights, revisiting all the places that the performance installation travels with field recorded material.

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