Young Art Weekend: Singular-Art

Young Art Weekend: Singular-Art

1 nov 2019 tot 3 nov 2019
Singular Art Waalkade 72, 6511 XR Nijmegen

For the first edition of Young Art Weekend, Singular-art will present recent works by Bart van Deelen. Bart graduated from AKI / ArtEZ Enschede and caught our eye with his deep understanding of the historical implications of craftmanship. His sculptures and photographs weave intricate tapestries of postmodern references to form, love for the skill needed to arrive at these forms and a broad context of historical narratives embedded in his chosen materials. His work has a surprisingly mature presence for a young artist, it carries the beginnings of a balanced, well rounded practice for the ages.

This exhibition is part of the Young Art Weekend: 
Every year, hundreds of new artists graduate from Dutch art academies. Every academy has its own characteristics and every year one can find new trends and currents of thought. Local art professionals visit these graduation shows to find new talent and remarkable works. In the past, both Extrapool and Galerie Bart had their own events for the presentation of young graduates in Nijmegen (Destillaat and Nieuwe Oogst respectively). This year, they have joined forces with four other spaces for contemporary art in the city to create a exciting new festival for young artists: the Young Art Weekend. 

Opening hours: 
Friday 1 November, 20.00 uur: opening Young Art Weekend
Saturday 2 en Sunday 3 November: 12.00-17.00
Nu bij Galerie Marzee

Nu bij Galerie Marzee

30 apr tot 19 jul
Galerie Marzee
vorm en leegte

vorm en leegte

21 mei tot 11 jun


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