Cornelia Bruinewoud

Cornelia  Bruinewoud
'samurai- waiting for the sun', 120x90 cm, acrylic on linen
Cornelia Bruinewoud works in Holland, lives in Germany. Study: Academy of fine Arts, Utrecht, NL
Bruinewoud explores the contrast between different kinds of time - modern and deep time, meeting each other in a field of nowhere...
She started painting with mountains and standing-alone monoliths which endured time, later her work slowly developed into the area of abstract art, with a minimalistic approach.
She uses simple basic, often geometric, forms as squares and lines. At the same time there is always a little organic (structure) in her work. Besides that - her paintings are of a monumental and solid emptiness. There are no distractions in her work.
And there is a conceptual component to her paintings, finding its origin in her philosophical interest in time and matter, and dialogue with philosophers and scientists.
Next to painting, she also makes drawings and installations.


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