RUIS X Qtopia : Geo Wyeth & Johanna Monk

RUIS X Qtopia : Geo Wyeth & Johanna Monk

13 sep 2019 tot 20 okt 2019
RUIS Hertogstraat 119, 6511 RX Nijmegen


In collaboration with Qtopia Queer Arts Festival, RUIS invited Geo Wyeth & Johanna and Vanita Monk for a residency in the artspace. During this residency they made a performance/piece that touches on long term commitments, queer love, thermodynamics, and public sex energy.
It is stories and live music. It translated into a recording which is left somewhere in the space, as a resonant object.

Geo Wyeth (b. 1984, NYC) is an artist and educator, working in the realms of music, performance, narrative sculpture, and video. Their ongoing project Muck Studies Dept. melds black/American music and history, extractive industry survey,
and techniques of investigative journalism to trouble the swampy waters of race and memory in the USA.

Vanita & Johanna Monk tell stories using words, music, noise, pictures, objects, bodies. Or maybe they just keep finding new ways to tell the same story: “In the end the form isn’t all that important. It’s about discovering and sharing a secret that we know could save the world. Otherwise why even bother? Then it’s just another career. And at the same time knowing we can never really succeed, which is why we go on trying. So maybe that’s a good thing in the end.”

“The only way not to write just another three-minute love song is to write all that love is not, because whatever fits in words also fits in heads that will always poison it with everything they already know.”

vrijdag 13 september, 20.00-23.00 uur

donderdag t/m zondag, 12.00-17.00 uur
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